Raising the Bar of Leadership

By Jim Velghe, President

For over thirty years we have studied what makes great healthcare leaders. This includes measured results from our own hospital performance measurement tools, personal on-site consulting observations, measuring the work values, levels of psychological existence and opinion of over 1.5 million hospital employees, and measuring the personality characteristics of thousands of hospital executives and physician leaders. From all this work, we have learned some valuable lessons:

  • Great hospitals are built by great leaders, from the CEO to the front line supervisor.
  • Leadership selection is critical and the higher the position, the more critical the decision.
  • The success of any CEO is determined by the quality and capability of leaders he/she hires.
  • Leaders manage on their own personality; if they don’t know or understand their own leadership personality characteristics and work values, they are flying blind.
  • Leadership is about “self-development”; you don’t develop leaders—they develop themselves.
  • Leadership development efforts only work if leaders are given the opportunity to “self-develop” based on their own unique leadership personality characteristics and work values.
  • There are over 7 billion people in the world and no two are alike; our physical DNA is different and so is our combination of work values and personality characteristics.
  • The best investment a hospital can make is assessing and self-developing its leaders.
  • The greatest return on investment is in assessing and self-developing your physicians.

To read a case study of how one special hospital “Raised the Bar of Leadership”, download the PDF below.

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Raising the Bar of Leadership at Phoenix Children’s Hospital


Every Physician a Leader

by Joseph Farrell Waeckerle, Sr. VP, MD, FACEP

As health systems continue to employ more physicians we recommend they make an investment into each physician’s personal self-development.

By the nature of their profession each physician is a leader in the allied health team.  It is of value for each physician to know his or her work value and personality characteristics that affect their performance, interaction with others and leadership development.

We have found physicians value and appreciate the health systems’ interest in their personal self-development and value the confidential one-on-one feedback they receive from WDI.  Providing each physician this personal self-development service benefits both the physician and the health system.


Strategic Hospital Security Assessment

by Monte Strait J.D., Sr. VP, FBI Retired

The issue of “Active Shooter” and the increased level of violence in hospital ERs are prompting many large hospitals and health systems to seek a qualified, independent strategic assessment of their entire security operations. The Work Dynamics Inc. team of senior retired FBI agents has been actively performing this needed service for WDI client health systems.

In some cases our recommendations are minimal and in some cases more substantial, such as converting the security department to a state licensed law enforcement agency. We leave no stone unturned in conducting our assessment and our team of senior retired FBI leaders and certified law enforcement trained ER physicians are imminently qualified.