Achieving and maintaining high employee morale, loyalty, and engagement does not happen by chance but is a by-product of a well-designed plan grounded in the art and science of identifying and meeting employees’ reasonable needs. It occurs as a result of meeting the disparate work value needs of an organization’s workforce.

WDI has more real-life, on-site, preventive employee and labor relations experience than most any other consulting firm. Where WDI has an enviable success record of maintaining union-free status, the threat of unionization is not what it used to be. The emphasis today should be on building a positive, dynamic relationship between employees and management. Staying union-free is merely a beneficial by-product of that effort. In this specialized area, we work exclusively with clients committed to achieving the highest levels of employee relations and employee morale. It is a consulting partnership that allows all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together into one beautiful picture that positively and measurably affects the organization’s mission. The following services are part of our positive employee relations and union-free consulting services:

  • Strategic and Tactical Advice: The value of years of successful employee and labor relations experience cannot be over stated. Whether it is providing strategic advice on anticipated changes or reacting to unexpected events, WDI’s experience is unmatched.
  • Employee Opinion Survey: A state of the art Internet based, real-time, customized measure of employee attitude, morale, and union vulnerability;  The WDI employee opinion survey can be simultaneously and instantly administered to thousands of employees across all locations and time zones while results are being viewed in real-time.
  • Employee Relations Diagnostic Audit: A comprehensive diagnostic of potential employee and labor relations issues and the affect those issues are having on union vulnerability;
  • Human Resource Policies and Practices: Customized human resource policies and practices written with precision and designed to achieve organizational objectives while positively and proactively meeting the disparate work value needs of employees;
  • Seminars: Powerful and interactive on-site workshops designed to develop in-house capability to positively improve employee relations and maintain union-free status;