Our values are intrinsic to who we are. They are threads woven into the character of every WDI professional.

Trust. We honor and respect the implicit trust and confidence placed in us by our clients and we will never violate or compromise this trust and confidence.

Integrity. We maintain high standards of professional conduct and ethics. We will never violate or compromise the ethics or integrity of our clients nor that of our own.

Honesty. We provide our clients total and complete objectivity. We will be factually forthright and straightforward in our advice and counsel. Our fees reflect actual time worked and expenses incurred and are available for client review at any time.

Competency. Every WDI professional is expected to maintain his or her knowledge and skills to the highest level of professional competency. We will complete every client assignment no matter how difficult and we will never accept an assignment that we do not believe we have the capability to complete at the highest standard of performance.