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When you are ready, a WDI consultant will help you plan and implement your survey and be available for any assistance you may need. We can have your survey up and running in 48 hours, if necessary. Here are the five steps we follow in planning and administering the WDI “Complete” Employee Opinion Survey.

STEP 1 – Select the survey options you want;

STEP 2 – Customize the survey to your needs;

STEP 3 – Announce the survey to your employees;

STEP 4 – Employees begin taking the survey at www.wdisurvey.com;

STEP 5 – Begin viewing and printing your survey results;

Step 1. Select The Survey Options You Want

The WDI “Complete” Employee Opinion Survey has seven separate sections. You have the option to include or eliminate any one of these sections. In addition, you have the option to include position categories that allow you to measure employee/labor relations effectiveness. Unless you instruct us otherwise, we will set up your survey to include all of the following sections:

Demographics. This includes categories for: position, race, sex, department/unit, shift, employment status, age and length of service.

Work Values. This provides a breakdown of six work value categories showing the number and percentage of employees in each category.

Opinion Survey Questions. This section contains 30 core survey questions plus any additional custom questions you may want to add.

Why They Stay. This section lists the top reasons employees stay with their current employer and allows your employees to select from these, the reasons they stay and then rank order the top five.

Looking To The Future. This section asks questions about future employment intentions that enables you to forecast your future turnover and recruitment needs.

Why They Leave. For employees who indicated that they have seriously considered leaving in the last six months, they will have the opportunity to say why they are considering leaving by selecting from the top reasons employees leave and then rank ordering their top three reasons.

Written Comments. This section allows employees to provide any comments or suggestions. The results of the written comments section are available by department/unit.

Employee/Labor Relations Effectiveness. This feature is activated when you include in the demographic section, the appropriate National Labor Relations Board voting/bargaining unit position categories.

Step 2. Customize Survey To Your Needs

You can customize the survey to your needs by making the following determinations:

What departmental/unit categories do you want to include?
There is no limit on the number of categories available. However to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the survey, reports are not provided for any subgroup with less than five participants.

Do you want to measure union/labor relations vulnerability and if so what position categories do you want to include?
These typically correspond to NLRB voting/bargaining units.

What custom questions do you want to add to the survey’s core thirty opinion survey questions?

What, if any, incentive do you want to provide your employees for taking the survey?
We have several effective options that help assure high survey participation that we can provide to you.

When do you want to start and end the survey?
Typically we allow between two and four weeks for employees to complete the survey. On average, it takes between 15 and 20 minutes to take the survey on the internet.

Step 3. Announce Survey To Your Employees

Prior to the date your survey is to begin, all employees are provided a survey announcement letter that explains the purpose of the survey, how it works, its importance and confidentiality and what, if any, incentive is available for taking the survey. Included in the letter is a unique survey access code that the employee must enter when taking the survey. Survey access codes assure only one survey per employee and provide a mechanism to reward employees who take the survey. You will be provided one unique survey access code for each employee. These codes are typically printed on gum labels and attached to the survey announcement letter or mail merged directly into the letter. Survey access codes cannot be used to identify a particular employee and employees can exchange survey access codes prior to taking the survey. Once a survey access code is used, it is rendered inoperable and cannot be used again.

In addition, you will be provided with a special security access code that will enable you to enter a secure client administrative area on the WDI website where you will be able to see and print all used survey access codes. This will enable you to provide immediate incentive to any employee who has completed the survey by simply confirming that their survey access code has been used.

Step 4. Employees Take The Survey

From the internet, your employees will go to www.wdisurvey.com and enter their survey access code. All they need to do is follow the instructions and complete each section of the survey. If they are interrupted while taking the survey and need to stop, they can select the “save and exit button” and return to the survey later by re-entering their survey access code. When they have completed each section of the survey they select the “submit button” and they are done. On average it takes between 15-20 minutes to complete the survey if it contains all of the survey options.

Step 5. View And Print Your Survey Results

From the minute your employees start taking the survey you will be able to view and print survey results from your personal computer. We will provide you instructions and a survey security access code to view and print your survey results in real-time from our website at www.workdynamicsinc.com. WDI’s survey reports are dynamic, meaning that you can view and print these reports instantly for any subgroup or combination of subgroups you choose.

Overview > Survey Options > Survey Reports > Starting and Planning your Survey > After the Survey is Over