There can be no more critical time than when a corporation’s leadership, mission, credibility, and integrity are under attack. Today, these situations usually do not occur by happenstance, but are part of a well thought out and organized attempt to change leadership and/or take control of the corporation. Sometimes they are called “corporate campaigns.” They can be initiated by organized labor, tort lawyer lawsuits, unwanted takeover attempts, and/or special interest groups with their own agenda.

Corporate campaigns have proven to be an effective adversarial tool for change. Typically, they hide behind legitimate issues and then transform into a sustained multi-media attack on the corporation’s leadership, integrity and/or governing board. They involve both covert and overt investigations into finance, executive compensation, contracting, conflict of interest, tax-exemption, quality of service, compliance issues, etc. When not properly diagnosed and effectively countered, they can and have achieved their desired objective of extorting the corporation. Corporate campaigns often involve personal and emotional attacks on the integrity of the corporation’s leadership, which makes it difficult to self-diagnose what is really happening. This is where WDI’s years of counter corporate campaign consulting experience and federal law enforcement background play a strategic role. We know of no other firm that has the background, experience, and ability to accurately diagnose and effectively counter a serious corporate campaign.